November 27, 2010

50 % Off Sale @ Valiant and more!

These last days of November *Valiant* offers you the opportunity to buy some great quality clothes at half their regular prices. I got myself some nice jeans and a free t-shirt. Check it out!

Btw: Don't miss out on the cool shirt *Connors* offers as prize in The With Love Hunt: 10 L$ well spent! Hint: Think about where Santa would put it!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Skin: *Sacred* Ethan Tone 2 goatee 2 bald (not free)


T-Shirt: *Valiant* Thanksgiving Tee (type for instance "freebies" in chat)

Pants: *Valiant* Black V003 two-tone Jeans (3 cuff styles, not free)


Shirt: [ #61 ] With Love From... *Connors* (10 L$)

Pants: *Valiant* Washed V003 two-tone Jeans (3 cuff styles, not free)


Shirt/Sweater Ensemble: MHOH5 - #12 - UPPER MAN

Pants: *Valiant* Washed Tortoise V003 two-tone Jeans (3 cuff styles, not free)

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