April 30, 2010

Last Minute Hunt Stuff (and more)

Here's some more stuff I randomly picked out of the mass of April hunt boxes still unpacked. (Btw: Most of these hunts end tonight at midnight leaving you more than 10 hours time to collect the prizes!) 

I also present some of the other goodies gifted this month like the complete avatar from Paddy's as well as some cool new pay items from my sponsors MayCreations and Bryce Designs.

So, sorry if I didn't get to show your MHOH3 or other hunt items, it was just too much this month. A big Thank You to all the organizers and designers participating for giving us some great gifts!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Far Left

Complete Avatar: Paddy's - Heaven's Storm (group gift, join Heaven's Wind Romantic Dance )

Necklace: CGH #38 - Accessories by Eolande


Skin: Paddy's - Heaven's Storm - Full Male Avatar (see under Far Left)

Necklace & Bracelet: MHOH3 #95 - Mustang Trading Post

Hat, Tank & Pants: MHOH3 #169 - Smudged

Shoes: MayCreations - Combat Boots camo grey L (not free)


Skin: Tellaq - Depp Avatar (MM Prize)

Hair: Bryce Designs - Roadkilla - Blacks Midnight (new release, not free)

Choker: *Connors* - Trilogy City Opening Gift

Tank:  VoS - Sinful Path #33 - Grumble, Grumble

Shoes: #5 ZombiePopcorn Hunt - A-BOMB

Far Right

Skin: (see under Right)

Hair: Bryce Designs - Roadkill - Blacks Midnight (new release, not free)

Necklace: #052 Irontail - Bedlam

Tank: MHOH3 #172 - Pounce

Pants: #044 Irontail - Ali Couture

Boots: MHOH3 #133 - .::Delirium::.

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