March 10, 2012

Saying Goodbye

I've been having a bit of a block these past few days. 

Take this post for example.

I had the pictures out, but I just couldn't seem to write something. You know that feeling when you want to work on it because it keeps nagging at the back of your mind, but everytime you do, you'll just be staring blankly at a screen? Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I dunno if all the RL and SL busy activities had killed off my wanting to write. Which kind of scares me. Especially since I got a lot of articles about to due. I also need to take pictures for Tacet and make a poster for FFFORM. I'm not complaining, but Tabby did suggested I should slow down a bit. 

I can't, though. Damn earth days don't have enough hours.

So, what's been happening lately? The cat farm that Tabby and I handled, -T H E   S T R A Y S - have reached prim count limit, and we're giving away 4 of our almost-retired cats and 7 newborn boxes for a small No-Killing fee (30L and 50L respectively). It's a sad, sad occassion in our humble farm. Mainly because most of our cats are named after our friends and I felt like we were selling them off.  We wanted to rename them to serial numbers so that it wont be so hard saying goodbye, but we didn't. We wanted them to go with names that doesnt make them sound like robots or what. 

I know, I know. It's pretty stupid. I get that they are pixel cats, but I still get, I dunno, melancholic if I think about that how they have to go away. Sorry, can't help it. Tabby says that that's what makes me a bad breeder. But psh. She's actually the one who handles the technicalities of KittyCats breeding. I'm just the farm boy who takes care of the place. 

Skin - Zoobong Ocean 1.0 (1L to group members; 300L to join group)
Outfit - B!asta Ready for Mrs. Right (1st Anniversary gift; 50L to join group)

Tears tatoo - [Void] Face Tatoo T_T (Last year's Anime Hunt item; Not there anymore)
Outfit - B!asta So Many Stars (More than 2000 members gift)

I'm seriously sad about letting go of these four:





Farm family picture

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