March 26, 2012

Fighting Fire with Water

Sorry I've not been posting much. I got a little distracted at people fighting. Had that sudden urge again to drop in and say something to them like, "Cookie, anyone?" 

Dunno if it's going to be helpful. I mean, the last time I said something like that was when there were two chicks fighting in one of the groups I'm in. Yes, yes. I know it's a mortal sin to break off a girl fight, but it was clear that there wasn't going to be any mud wrestling or any sort like that involve any time soon. They were just talking and arguing, and making everyone tense and uncomfortable. 

Soooo you know... I just did the first thing that came to mind. 

I yelled out,"Boobies!"

There was peace afterwards.

People forgot about the argument and started talking about breasts, which in my opinion is a far far FAR better topic. *happy face*

With that in mind, head over to Death Row Designs and hit this MM board. 

How does that connect to the introduction, you ask? Beats me, but you're going to get cool boots if you're going to hop on this taxi

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