March 10, 2012

Look Of The Day 2012-03-10

Today's casual Saturday apparel. You could also call it: too lazy to dress, lol! Have a great weekend, guys!

 ( => click picture to enlarge !) 

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Matteo -Hairbase- Brown (new release, not free) 

Skin: !Twisted 137 of 170 ! Style By Kira - MALE 

Prim Eyes: !Twisted 53 of 170 ! Deviant Designs (2 of 3) 

Necklace: !Twisted 107 of 170 ! ~Lantian~ 

Tattoo: :Wicked Tattoos: - Indulge In Color (rotating MM Prize) 

Ring: Co Creations - Darkness (rotating MM Prize, on board today, blogged before) 

Pants: :SZD: Ripped Jeans -Multicolor- (rotating MM prize, on board today) 


  1. Woot, you made my skin look amazing! Thanks for the fabulous post! I NEED that hair and that tattoo!



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