March 8, 2012

Adventure on the Sea of LEA

I heard the Sea of Aley was full of boats for the taking. So I commandeered a fine schooner. She was yar.

I was soon drawn into Pico Pico Life an 8bit vortex of eye candy and palm trees. I tried to resist the sirens' call but my ship ran aground.

I made my escape through the ominous sea of Selavy. The beautiful monochromatic scheme soothed my frayed nerves but the parrots wouldn't shut up.  Their claws shredded my shoulders as they yipped about crackers, cracker and crackers!

Ahoy! Land ho matey! It was paradise, it was Gilligan's island!

I found fresh clothes, food and drink and tried to rest. Those parrots really wore me out. But I couldn't sleep! Earworms! Something terrible had been left on this atoll and it was taking a toll.

Who in their right mind would bring THIS record to a deserted island???????


Boats, pirate gear, the island and much more are all available from treasure chests at the marvellous sim of Sea of Aley
Nearby you will find the very happy and hypnotic Pico Pico Life by Mikati Slade and the contemplatively mysterious build  by Selavy Oh.

All of these sims are part of the Linden Endowment for the Arts project hosting some of SL's fine artists and creators. Hurry and visit, it all ends March 15.

Feel free to throw a suggestion into comments as to what the record was.

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