November 15, 2012

Premium: Orville

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"No, dont leave me!" she cried and ran after me. Before I could take off, she lunged at my plane. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this crazy lady had grabbed onto the wing! But it was too late to slow down, the wheels were already off the runway. The added weight caused the plane to dip dangerously to the side. I almost crashed in the ocean! ...And that was tamest thing that happened in the next 30 minutes of the Silver Baron's Wild Ride.  lol

The new premium gift has been released, a very cool World War 1 airplane. It's easy to fly. Sounds great. It seats one, but your buddies can also ride by hanging on for dear life on the wing. lol  You can take off the new premium Orville airport and fly over several connecting premium lands. The hangers and air traffic control tower are also in a 1920s style. Many people were there today. It was like a spontaneous air show. Cool!

Good news! If you are not a premium member, or if your membership will expire sometime before now and the new year, there is a sale for 50% on the quarterly membership. Read here for more details: Take-to-The-Skies-of-Second-Life

On Him:
Coat and Sweater: FATEwear Coat Derrick Tundra [mesh] (300L)
Eyepatch: Air Fairlady Corsair (600L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Dragon Mesh Hair - MALE - Whites Pack [mesh] (250L)
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mullingar Boots - Black (520L)
Transportation: Lindy Premium Airplane v1.04 (free)(premium membership required SALE 50%)

Orville Airport
Thanks for your help Fulli!

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