November 9, 2012

Back To The Future with L'Uomo

When I first blogged the new mesh avatars L'Uomo had released one couldn't do much more with them than run around naked as there were no special clothes available for them. Rigged mesh wouldn't attach correctly and neither the old layered clothes.

The only solution for visiting Moderate and PG Sims was not using the “Hide All” alpha from the mesh avatar package but one of the “Hide Upper only” alphas instead. Then, by clicking the lower half of the mesh avatar invisible on the Avatar Control HUD one could make the regular avatar legs reappear. This way, one could wear regular layered or even mesh pants but would not have the well-defined leg muscles and firm, toned butt anymore – for many customers one of the main reasons to buy this type of mesh avatar in the first place.

The situation has improved since then as a few designers have started making special clothes for this new type of avatar. And, it's a back to the future experience dressing one's new mesh avatar since the new apparel consists of ...
  1. a special layer of clothing (pants, shirt, suit) which comes in 6 different versions matched to each of the now 6 basic L'Uomo mesh avatar shapes and is worn like a mesh item without alpha,
  2. old style prim parts (sculpties) for collars, shirt cuffs, bulges, pants cuffs etc. that need the usual amount of fitting I thought was long behind me, lol.

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