December 27, 2011

Shiki like a Polaroid Picture

So, Tabby and I went to Shiki earlier and got these cool stuffs from hunts. Some of the past hunts are still up there, and if you're short on suits, you can get grab their group gift too. Yves had featured that suit before, so if you're interested, just [CLICK]. Hurry and run along to the store since I'm not really sure how long they will be up there. These are gifts from hunts that are past their end dates, after all. 
With Love Again Hunt ends January 6, 2012, however.

Here are some of the clothes we bagged from there:

On Luc:
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Adam Skin Xmas Group Gift (No group fee)
Clothes : Shiki Winter Snow Suit (DIMH) - 0L

On Tabby:
Hair: Bliss Couture  Denise (DIMH) - 10L
Clothes: Shiki Dress Sheer Ecru (Autumn Era Hunt) - 10L

On Luc:
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Adam Skin Xmas Group Gift (No group fee) 
Clothes : Shiki CHAIRO jacket outfit (With Love Hunt) - 10L

On Tabby:
Hair: Bliss Couture  Zoey (With Love Hunt) -10L
Clothes: Shiki Amber Dreams long dress (With Love Hunt) -10L

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