December 17, 2011

Zombie Hunt 2011

Hey everyone (: The Love Soul SIM and Nipponbashi SIM's Christmas Event of 2011 involves purifying zombies with a pillow (and whatever upgraded weapons you may get in the future). This is not your typical hunt, as you will need to put a lot more effort and patience into your zombie killing. Killing zombies is the only way to get these limited edition gifts and the process is a little bit complicated, but it is well worth your time. So head on over to either sim, grab your starter pack, and get going! This event only lasts from Dec. 16th to Dec. 26th.

Left: Honey*Soul
Right: ..::[LV]::..

Outfits: Sheep Door

Sweat Suit: RONSEM
Lollipop + Bear Necklace: Love Soul
Couch: [S2] sTwo
Leggings: Group Gift ..::[LV]::..

Sweater: SOUP
Rolled-Up Shirt + Tie: *RibboN*
Shoes: R2 Fashion

If you've killed a lot of zombies, you can check out your ranking here. (I made it to number seven ;D)

*Note: I did not post store SLURLs because you cannot go directly to the stores to get the prizes. First, you must get the gift tickets from the zombies. There will be a LM for you to follow when you get the ticket (:

P.S. - The hair I have on is a gift for completing KMADD's survey. I'm not sure how long this will be available, but the gift pack includes eyes too!

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