February 1, 2012

MM Boards Of The Day 2012-02-01

How about trying to lock this one today? Here's your taxi!  

Btw: Accept the free group invitation, you need to be member to register with the MM Boards.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

There's a second MM Board, lower target, which you shouldn't forget to slap either! It's across the room on the other wall. Click here for a red beacon! 

( => click picture to enlarge !)


  1. I don't think anyone will ever get a free skin from 8-designe's MM board. Here's why - the store group has just over 400 in it, and about 10% of which has not logged in to SL in 2012. For 300 to get the notice on the same day would require a response rate of 75% from its group notices. In contrast, a well known costume group that has almost 10000 members in its store group has a popular MM board with a limit of 200 slaps. That works out to about 2% response rate. Until 8-designe lowers its slap count to 5% or less of its group count, I don't see anyone's effort ever paying off there.

  2. Actually, the board locked way before the deadline and all of us got our skin and shape delivered. It was a nice example of viral teamwork. People who had read this blog spread the info in various SL groups and thus helped in this successful collective effort. Too bad you missed out on it!



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