February 5, 2012

ZombiePopcorn 6

ZombiePopcorn 6 started February 1st, and will last til February 15th. You are looking for the usual trademark zombie in a red and white striped popcorn bag!

Cardigan: ZombiePopcorn6 #72 [Pumpkin]
Pants: ZombiePopcorn6 #65 ur.favorite.one
Beanie: ZombiePopcorn6 #91 .::Y&R::.
Tattoo: ZombiePopcorn6 #92 Vestigium
Eyes: ZombiePopcorn6 #77 .Insufferable Dastard.
Necklace: ZombiePopcorn6 #81 :. LuTimez .:
Piercings: ZombiePopcorn6 #44 iPoke
Glasses: ZombiePopcorn6 #51 DECO
Heart Suspenders: ZombiePopcorn6 #10 * Rezipsa Loc *
Pose: ZombiePopcorn6 #76 Label Motion

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