February 1, 2012

Vitamen's dekade

Yep. Still here and kicking. Been having some problems with my computer and viewer that's why I've not posted as much as I would have liked. But now I'm back, and hopefully everything will be more stable.

First up, Vitamen's January and February freebie along with [dekade]'s skins. Vitamen released its new gifts of gold and silver boxers already, so if you've not grabbed that yet, hurry and visit the store now.  [dekade]on the other hand, has just let out free skins for men and women at their gift shelf for their store's reopening. Take along your wife or girlfriend and stop at the shop.

Skin - [dekade] MEN Skins Anderson pale (lightbrows)
Boxers - Vitamen Gold

Skin - [dekade] MEN Skins Anderson light (darkbrows)
Boxers - Vitamen Gold

Skin - [dekade] MEN Skins Anderson tan (darkbrows)
Boxers - Vitamen Silver

Skin - [dekade] MEN Skins Anderson darktan (lightbrows)
Boxers - Vitamen Silver

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