January 31, 2012

Eye Believe

Watching Carnival with the Eyeballs is the ultimate Mardi Gras experience. While exchanging beads and flowers, I suddenly realized that this friendly Eye was the only one who could possibly wear them! Sure the staring is a little spooky but once you get used to it it's all fun and games ....

The Bourbon Street Hunt is on until February 23.
Jester Hat: Demontik  Bourbon Street Hunt
Boots: Avatar Bizarre   Bourbon Street Hunt
Beads: kisetsu Bourbon Street Hunt (from the Beadzooka)
Pants and Shirt: *Flowerdreams Creations* Bourbon Street Hunt
Pose: Misprint Thursday Mr. Poser Hunt, a fun hunt at Misprint's Mausoleum  at LEA. There are nine poses in beer cans around the sim. Make sure you have your media on to enjoy some amazing music and images by the artist.
Location: Rose Borchovski The Path, LEA2 This site is part of a great collaborative story which begins here.  

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