January 17, 2012

Olives and Bubbles

No, those aren't boobs I'm checking out. Although... it would be really cool *grins* to see a giant sculpture of a pair of those. Kinda like the ones on that alien chick in "Dude, where's my car."

But sadly, as good as that might be, it's not where I'm at when I took this picture. I'm at Mount Rushmore, looking at the stone heads of the 4 presidents --- Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln. Check out that awesome sim when you're done grabbing this jeans and jacket from Bubblez Design. It's available in 3 colors (blue, red, green).   Also, you might want to check out the closing sale at Olive Juice. Each pose is up for grabs at 25L each.

Mt. Rushmore

Jacket and Jeans - Bubblez Design JJ Hood red (Group Gift)
Pose - Olive Juice Dean 2 (Flyboys set; 25L)
Hair - Zeus Y-30 5color Black (NOT FREE)

Location where picture is taken - Mount Rushmore National Memorial

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