January 3, 2012

Chilling out

Tabby wanted to go dancing today, but I thought it was better to spend time just lazying around the place.

Just so damn tired from making posts, I had to pass. 
She, however, thought, that since she was all dressed up, to make as well the most of it. 

On Luc:
Sweater - VoguE Gift of the Month for the Guests (No Group Tag needed)

She gave me a song number while I watched her from the couch. Wasn't really paying much attention to the song. I was too busy ogling. 

So, what do you think was she singing?  : D

On Tabby: 
Hat- Bliss Couture The Love Hat (Group Gift)
Gown - VoguE Blissy Members Gift (Group Gift; Tag needed)

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