November 9, 2013

Suicidal Euphoria,WoM & {OG KUSH} at Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Last weekend to grab this amazing offers before they change for next round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room , who don't like to have a shopping weekend? ;) 

T-Shirt : #WOM* - TShirt Chest (Hud with all textures in pic)(Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
Shape : Suicidal Euphoria - Cristian Shape (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)

T-Shirt Left : {OG KUSH} - Popular Demand Snakeprint Green (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
T-Shirt Right Up : {OG KUSH} - Bad MF'er (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
T-Shirt Right Middle : {OG KUSH} - Earned Not Given Red (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
T-Shirt Right Down : {OG KUSH} - Blame Society Green & Camo (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)

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