November 21, 2013

Fudoshin - Sadistic hacker - Urban Swag and more

A little action for this morning with a bit eclectic style with pants, group gift, Urban Swag. The swords are from Vlad Blackburn that come with a hud to encourage combat movements. In the pictures I used combat poses from Sadistic Hacker gift. The beautiful shape is from Markel and it looks good with a variety of skins.. More details photo below.

From Fudoshin Creations:
-japan shoes - Fudoshin creations - marketplace - 0L
-Tea table with animations (drinks and sit) from Fudoshin Creations - group gift- free to join - 0L

-katana with Hud animation - Vlad Blackburn - marketplace - 0L
-Body Tattoo - Elven Elder - Tattoo promo - marketplace - 1L (with tattoo layer and undershirt option)

-From Sadistic Hacker some group gifts and free to join
Face Tattoo - box with 10 tattoo -  0L
Pose katana - box with 8 poses- 0L

-Pant - Urban Swag - pant and hoodie - group gift - free to join - 0L
-Shape - Markel shape - Kalimako - modify and copy - marketplace - 0L

Another things that used in this pictures.
-Boxes with poses from Sadistic Hacker group gifts 0L
-Textures - [ED] - Japanese textures F01 and Japanese texture tatami F02 - marketplace - both 0L

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