November 5, 2013

Fuvkin Menace,Lumiere & [[[[NOISE]]]] at Cosmopolitan Sales Room & Street Sale

I'm sure you all already know Cosmopolitan Sales Room & Street Sale, this is a biweekly event and a weekly one,where you can find really good stuff for low price, today i want show you what i got for guys, enjoy the shopping ;) 

Hoodie : [[[[NOISE]]]] - Bryant Hoodie w/Shirt Dk Gray/Blue (Street Sale 50L$)
Pants : Lumiere - Skinny Pants (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)

Up Left - {FKM} - Givenchy Rubber T-Strom T-Shirt (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
Up Right - {FKM} - Crooks & Castle Rolex T-Shirt (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
Down Left : {FKM} - DFYNT Snakeskin T-Shirt (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
Down Right : {FKM} - BLVCK SCVLE 05 T-Shirt (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 250L$)

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