October 5, 2013

TELLAQ MM & The Autumn Effect Hunt

Today i want to show you the new MM prize of TELLAQ and a few of the prizes of The Autumn Effect Hunt, i need say that sadly not a lot of prices for guys in this hunt but is totally free, hope you like the tattoos and piercings i choose to show you in this post. Happy hunting sunday guys!
My colleague Zeke bloged some of this prices too a while ago, you can check them here, here & here.

Shape, Skin & Eyebrows : TELLAQ - Zipper Avatar (MM 130 slaps to get it)
Eyes, Hair Base & Hair :  KMADD - VIP Gift - Welcome to KMADD! (Subscriber Gift)
Eyebrow Piercing : .HollyWeird. - PC//8 (TAE Prize)
Nose Piercing : Sour Pickles - Tortile Piercing (TAE Prize)
Full leg tattoo : Endless Pain Tattoos - Maori Leg (TAE Prize)
First Arm Tattoo : B*FLY Tattoos - Time in Color (TAE Prize)
Second Arm Tattoo : !cStar Limited - Haunted by the Fall Sleeve (TAE Prize)
Hip Tattoo : :::insanya::: (TAE Prize)

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