October 17, 2013

Immortals Haunted House of Torment Hunt

While you're out looking for Halloween gifts and costumes - be sure to grab some cool things to deck out your place, too. The Immortals Haunted House of Torment Hunt is pretty fun. It's got a lot of spooky, creepy, and unexpected surprises.

Start the hunt here (at the Immortals Haunted House). Grab the HUD (it costs 50L), and then start hunting. You're looking for bones - and as you find them, the HUD will keep you updated on your progress. Once you've collected all the bones, you'll receive the mystery prize.

The table and chairs, skull, dagger, and burning pentagram are all gifts you'll find on the hunt. There are others, too.

The hunt runs from Oct 13th - Nov 3rd. Check it out!

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