October 3, 2013

Eyes Wide Shut Couple Hunt Pat II

Here is the second part of Eyes Wide Shut Couple Hunt (1L$ Items), the hunt will end october 7, so you still have time to run to hunt this items.

Costume : ToXic HiGh (EWSCH 1L$)

Bathrobe : Kastle Rock Couture - Opera Bathrobe (EWSCH 1L$)
Hair : KMADD - VIP Gift - Welcome to KMADD! (Subscriber Gift)

Costume : [LNS] LaNoir Soleil Designs - Maestro (EWSCH 1L$)
Boots : Loordes of London - Bean Hiking Boot (EWSCH 1L$)

Pants and necklace : :: MASH :: (Collar with RLV) (EWSCH 1L$)

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