August 20, 2013

Tempus Pillage: WW2 Raid

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STORYLINE: Tempus Pirate Herschel Hertz built a nice life for himself traveling back in time. He "borrowed" key pieces of history to sell to eager collectors on the black market. But instead of counting all his platinum bars, he should have studied his history a little more. When he landed on the deck of the Battleship Yamato, looking like some kind of fashion mashup of warring nations.... Well, he was just glad his crew of grumpy salvagers rescued him before he was buried up to the neck in sand to roast in the hot Pacific sun.

Death Row has released lot of sweet new goodies. This cool captain's hat works great for men and women. It comes with a hud to change the texture on the front metal plate. (I went with the skull and crossbones.) The bullet belt for men is one solid obj so it's easy to scale it to fit your shape or outfit. The details are great! The steam gloves comes in 3 colors, and include a resize script for x, y, and z scaling so you can get a perfect fit easily. The outfit bt Phunk I got for Madpeas Mad City Film Noir look, but it also works great for WW2 looks. It's a complete outfit with coat, shoes, shirt, fedora, and cigarette or you can just wear the trenchcoat alone.

On Him:
Hat: Death Row Designs DRD cap unisex with hud [mesh] (180L)
Belt: Death Row Designs DRD Bullet Belt Male mono [mesh] (50L)
Gloves: Death Row Designs DRD chrono fangs steel [mesh] (50L)
Suit, Shoes, Trenchcoat, cigarette: Phunk Men's Man in Black Outfit [mesh] (375L)
Location: Yamato Memorial

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Time Pirate Hertz has a sweet cache weapons and they are all free from SciLab. That right, everything you see here is completely free. And that includes my favorite zombie hunting rifle. There is more in the gift box I didn't show here, a mesh bunny avatar, a castle, male and female armor outfits, and more. Such an awesome gift. All his new things are original mesh and really cool.

Weapons, tank, helicopter: SciLab Creator's Past 2009-2011 (free)

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