August 8, 2013

Lady Bug Hunt

A lot of hunts going on right now around, normally is hard find good stuff for guys, here i show you a few good ones i got doing The Lady Bug Hunt 1L$ per Item

Outfit : Shadow Moon Tribal Bug (TLBH 1L$)
Sneakers : Kapone (Rotatin MM Prize)

Shorts : :::SC::: Short Circuit Mens Hunt Gift Camo Cargo (TLBH 1L$)
T-Shirt : :SS: Slut Shop Hunt Gift Mens FTW Shirt (TLBH 1L$)

T-Shirt : :SS: Slut Shop Hunt Gift XXX Mens PA Shirt (TLBH 1L$)

Complete Outfit :  AdelleArts LBH Hunt Prize (TLBH 1L$)

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