May 1, 2011

New Hunt for Men!

His Style Hunt just started and runs until the end of the month. Link to their website >>His Style SL<< There are a lot of great gifts in this hunt, and I've only taken pictures of a few. The hunt items aren't too hard to find, and it's not a very long hunt. Remember to look for a blue puzzle piece (:

Hat: His Style Hunt #12 Loch Avie Bazaar & Flower Market

Shirt: His Style Hunt #33 Bella's

Jeans: His Style Hunt #24 Dark Water Designs


Whole Outfit: His Style Hunt #11 ::Evaki::


Whole Outfit: His Style Hunt #5 Blue Goose


Tank: His Style Hunt #1 ::Eclectic Firefly::

Jeans: His Style Hunt #15 [Electric]


Hat: His Style Hunt #17 Destiny's Design

Vest: His Style Hunt #18 Suki's Silken Fashions

Boots: His Style Hunt #19 Ziva's Underground Footware

Jeans + Shirt: His Style Hunt #4 .:DragonLady's Closet:.

Happy hunting!

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