May 30, 2011

Day and Night

I didn't want to be stuck in an office all summer, so I got a new job as a lakeside lifeguard. It has its perks... sun, fresh air, babes... and a nice lodge for after-hours relaxing. In need of clothes for my new surroundings I swung by the MENStuff Lounge. Perfect!

Clothes: Rosenwolf Design Lifeguard outfit, MENstuff Lounge gift
Hair: DURA Boys&Girls 16 (not free)
Shoes: INDI Designs Seagrass Flipflops (not free)
Lifeguard Stand: Free on the marketplace

Sweater: Brocade Tiger Moose sweater, MENstuff Lounge gift
Jeans: Kamrek Creations Black Pants, MENstuff Lounge gift
Boots: [Urban Bohemian] Timber Boot, MENstuff Lounge gift
Necklace: AIDORU Fortuna Horn necklace, MENstuff Lounge Gift

More from the Lounge coming up... drop by, join the group, chat, and check out the creators who generously donate to the Lounge and the upcoming MENstuff Hunt!

Special thanks to Ivy Maverick and Rob1977 Moonites, MENstuff owners

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