May 14, 2011

The Macabre Hunt

Hello everyone! This hunt took a while for me to complete because I kept getting distracted. There were also a few missing hunt apples, but the --> hunt site <-- specifies which ones. I just forgot to look :P Many items for men here, so if this is your scene, it's worth a look (:

Shirt + Belt: +TMH+#35 KA'Z Fashion

Pants: +TMH+#51 PunkD Out Designs

Tail + Ears: +TMH+#58 Dust Bunnies

Tattoo: +TMH+#39 .:SS:. Spearsong

Black Death Outfit: +TMH+#30 PeKaS Design

Pants + Face Tattoo: +TMH+#1 ..::Rasetsukoku::..

Skull Necklace: +TMH+#23 AIDORU

Shirt: +TMH+#53 [strip'd]

Bracelets: +TMH+#62 -=FORSAKEN=-

Armband: +TMH+#64 Hooligan Streetwear

Shirt + Jeans: +TMH+#33 ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;

Neck Tattoo: +TMH+#48 Apple Spice


Eyes: +TMH+#15 Tacky Star

Skin: +TMH+#41 ..::AKA::..

Happy Hunting!

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