April 10, 2010

A Tale of four Shirts (or five?)

There's a time to wear turtlenecks and there's a time to wear shirts (and long armed tees). I try to show you the best of them and discard the worst. It is the age of well fitting prim collars and it is the age of missing resize scripts. It is the epoch of open shirts and the epoch of closed shirts. Ok, I guess poor ol' Charlie is turning in his grave by now, lol. Here are the goodies:

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hair: .::PeppermintBlue::.100205NewbieAssistancePack for Men


Pants: MHOH3 #77 - ::Trixxy's Shop:: (See Box in front of store for all Hunt Hints)


Shirt: ...Scars... Print T [Group Gift]

And here are two more shirts for you:

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Skin: [CheerNo] Wady_Light/IM-ON-FIRE Skin (Group Gift)

Hair: kMADd - Brady flat cap (suede) Group Gift (join kMADd Enterprise)

Shirt (left): [name pending] - [np] Indigo Plaid *unisex* (MM Prize)

Shirt (right): MHOH3 #60 - Style Extrem (Hint: It is free but is not trash. :P )

And now as finale, the latest free gift from [ hoorenbeek ]  with umpteenth wear options:

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Shades: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Xen 1.00 (not free, forgot to mention that, sorry!) 

Arm Strap: :::Sole Accessory :::Sole Comp leather BRACELET::: (Group Gift) 

Shirt: [ hoorenbeek ] Printed Shirt - Mexican

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