April 13, 2010

Complicated or Simple?

... but always looking good!

Vassnia offers MJ Fans and MHOH3 Hunters this nice avatar with a really very well-made face as tribute to their star. Just the hair is not included so I took a hairstyle sf design used to gift for wear with hats. For hardcore fans there's a style card included telling you where to get a more MJ-like hairstyle.

In the center and the right of the picture I show you some of my favourite tees of the moment. I'm happy that Vio Varriale, owner of Violation Inc., still gifts his Shamrock Hunt prize, a great Football Jersey, to all who missed out on it up till now.

Btw: All these shirts match very well with the new group gift jeans from ::LikeA::. Enjoy!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

MJ-Oufit (left): MHOH3 #58Vassnia (Hint: Under the extremely good girl in white poster. Btw: If your gloves don't look complete take off the jacket layer.. the skin has the jacket included so it won't make a difference but your gloves will look complete!)

T-Shirts (center): ::Maschienenwerk:: Flow_T (black) & Robot_T(red)

Football Jersey (right): Violation Inc. - Shamrock Hunt #5 (buy the shamrock)

Jeans (right): ::LikeA:: GROUP GIFT

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