January 25, 2010

One-Man Band

Today's outfit from Little Britain Designs inspired me to another guitar performance, especially since I had that nifty, life-size drum kit diorama in my inventory from the Music for the Soul Hunt.

On a side remark: I don't wear the gloves which come with the Gothica package but an old freebie. Also, I shortened the shirt's sleeves thus turning it into a tank. It gets kinda hot on stage in the limelight, lol!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hair, Skin, Gloves, Boots: Little Britain Designs (not free or no longer available)

Outfit: Little Britain Designs - Gothica M (freebie of the week)

Guitar: Kujisawa - Model 15 (free on XstreetSL)

Rock Stage: #151 [M4TS] Hunt Headset - Razz-A-Matazz - (comes with lots of further equipment)

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