January 29, 2010

Casual Friday For The Umpteenth Time

Equilibrium offers us not one but three new goodies today:
- The weekly freebie,
- a Midnight Mania Prize and  
- a Pick Reward Gift.  

Plus, I show you more hunt items. Remember that the Just for the Guys Hunt (JFTG) is ending Sunday 31st.

(=> click picture to enlarge !) 

Hat: (SAH) BOYZ - #87 Prim & Pixel Paradise (Attachment: I wear the hat on my skull instead of my nose because I need that spot for the glasses. Also, I moved the three decorative hearts inside my head via edit linked parts. Looks more manly, lol.)

Shades: Equilibrium - Midnight Mania Gift Male (unisex) 

Piercing: #42 JFTG Hunt [-iPoke-] Piercings (Hint: look up!) 

Scarf: (SAH) BOYZ - #164 DeeTaleZ (Hint: Why do women always have to clean up, do the dishes, iron the clothes, do the vaccuming while men just throw their stuff behind the sofa?) 

T-Shirt: Equilibrium - (Boss)-jr.hak (Jaqueta) 

Belt: ::Duh!:: Men's Crocodile Belt Black (L$ 10) 

Key Chain: (SAH) UNISEX - #43 Robbish  

Pants: Equilibrium - Blue Jeans (Profile Pick Reward) 

Shoes: # 89 JFTG Hunt  Paddy's

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Skin: Flirt! *FabFree GIFT* from Flirt! - Raven Face 3 (join Fabulously Free in SL and download more free gifts)

Hair: # 61 JFTG Hunt  (MADesigns/KMADD)

Shades: CheerNo – 80s Sunglasses Giraffe (Group Gift)

Turtleneck Sweater, Pants & Shoes: WMD - The Fund raising Outfit-VH- (L$ 100)

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