June 2, 2012

Mister Virtual World

Hello all,

As you all know or don't know yet ... i'm taking part in the competion of Mister Virtual World. Im representing my beautifull country Belgium.

The first challenges are already behind me and i usually don't say much or don't talk much about how i feel but i got to say ... yes i feel the creative boosts coming in me again. I stopped my painting and sculpting in rl long time ago when i stopped at the art academy. But the last challenges of Mister Virtual World made something loose in me again. You will probaly say what are u talking about .... guess what fashion. lol and yes ... i know there are alot of fashion designers in sl ... and thats an understatement.
I love to make new designs, new accessories, making something that others don't have ... and well yes ... i got to share this one with y'all. Yes ... it's me and ok let me explain what i am wearing.

Hair : Madesign
Make up : Madrid Solo - Picasso cubism .. custom made (im not that well in making make up yet)
Pants : Dot BE - Own design .. based on Piet Mondriaan
Shoes : Dot BE - Own design ... based on the cubism heel of Carolina egman with a touch of Piet Mondriaan

The attachements :
upperbody/lowerbody : Dot BE - own design created out of a movie called "Aelita (1924)"
earrings : Dot BE - own design based on Piet Mondriaan
Monocle : Solidea Folie's

Yes ... i will be going to make more shirts, pants and even complete outfits ... im figuring out a 3D program atm to make my own mesh ... and im hoping to find someone where i can work with.

My fashion brand will be called "Dot BE" ... referring to Belgium ofcourse ... i will keep you all posted ... if intressted in the pants or shoes let me know inworld.

Special thankx to Charlieza for the nice picture and Madrid Solo for making my make up i so wanted.

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