September 28, 2010

Look of the Day 10/09/28

Fortunately, when done covering a hunt and waiting for the next one to start there's always a new freebie, MM prize or promo item around, not to forget some cool new releases from sponsors, to blog about. Here's today's yield:

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Thule (new release, not free)


Blazer with Shirt: Upper Man - *UM* Brown Blazer (weekly gift, wear your group tag)

Pants: Equilibrium - Green ripped jeans (MM Prize, second floor)


Scarf: MHOH4 # 160 - GRUMBLE

T-Shirt: A:S:S - Printed tee - iBitch (SOM Gift, check history)

Bracelet:  MHOH4 # 58 - Mustang Trading Post  (blogged before)

Jeans: MHOH4 # 153 - *Beach, Clothes & Dance Culture*

Legwarmers: *Connors* - GRASS WALKER LEGWARMERS (new release, not free)

Sneakers: MHOH4 # 100 - JUNGLE WEAR (blogged before)


Jeans: MHOH4 # 104 - #Before Sleep#

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