September 13, 2010

Fashion Telegram # 013

Juliet Broono discovered a whole wall of group gifts @ Angel's Designs so I did a little mixing and matching with some other stuff I had lying around.

Btw: You can join their group, Xzavier's & Angels, here!

( => click picture to enlarge !)


Hair: *Filigreemotion* Hair Fair Gift for men & women

Sweater: ***ANGELS***Jumpers group gift (see above)

Pants: >>>Poison<<< Navajo jeans (new release, not free)


Hair: Exile - Free Gift @ Hair Fair

T-Shirt: H4RP 67. GryphonWings

Wrist Cuff: alaMood Boutique7. International Affair Hunt  (look for a stamp)

Pants: ***ANGELS*** Dirty (Mens) (see above)


Skin: (x.x) Dead Bunneh (x.x) Scrappy McGee MM Board Gifty Sept.2010

Sweater: ***ANGELS***Jumpers group gift (see above)

Pants: ***ANGELS***Group Gift Ritual (mens) (see above)

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