July 22, 2010

More Tees

Every time a designer gifts a t-shirt I not only check the design but also whether they provide it on all layers and/or include prim parts. I admit, currently I like tees with prim cuffs a lot but obviously they are not always provided.

So, today when I unpacked the T-Shirt & Scarf from [TRS] I got for joining their Subscribo (left picture) I thought, why not use their modifiable and neutrally textured cuffs also for wear with other shirts simply by re-colouring them? It's really easy to do like you can see on the right picture! You might even use a second colour all together for the cuffs to give your t-shirt an individualistic touch. 

Btw: You can check the colour of your tee by clicking "Advanced → UI → Show Colour under Cursor" and then using this red-green-blue data (don't worry about the other three numbers) for re-colouring the cuffs. Look for the numbers on the bottom right of your screen. They come in white so best view them against a dark background!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Ring: RONSEM - Claddagh Ring (thanks for the heads up, Drew Winterwolf)

Pants:  Equilibrium - Green ripped jeans (MM Prize)

Boots: MayCreations - Rocker boots black L (new release, not free)

Cap: MayCreations - Leather cap HELLBIKER (not free)

Necklace: [TRS] SOM Gift - July 2010 (check history of Subscribo)

T-Shirt (right): *COCO*Homme - Gift_T-Shirts (Group Gift, 7 colours)

Vest: -DEMISE- Gilet (Group Gift)

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