July 1, 2010

A little Bit of Promo

Style Extrem has a number of cheapies to get this week. Equilibrium takes part in two new hunts and offers their update group members a nice gift. Check them both out and have fun!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Outfit (left): Style Extrem - SE Look 5 (5 L$)

Glasses (center): Equilibrium - Light Gray Aviator shades (BLH = Beach Loving Hunt, Hint:  Sparkles all over me)

Jacket (center): Style Extrem - SE SupSport Black Jacket (1 L$)

Pants (center): Equilibrium(calca)( GS ) (Group Gift, remember there is an entry fee! Download from notices!)

Outfit (right): Style Extrem - SE Look 6 (5 L$)

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