August 15, 2014

SL without poses?

Imagine if you will a second life with no poses or animations, what would profile photo's be like? What would your blogs look like?
Pose and animation creators work every bit as hard as any other creator in SL putting in long painstaking hours working through trial and error to provide us with all the fantastic poses and props we all use and love.
So lets all be sure to credit the ones who help us look so good, lets hear it for the  pose creators!

secondlife without poses  :(

second life with poses! :D
lifeguard chair with poses: Image Essentials - Swim Patrol w/5 poses - available @ The Great Summer Bash
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skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - August group gift
hair: *ARGRACE* -Natsume

 lifeguard chair with poses: Image Essentials - Swim Patrol w/5 poses - available @ The Great Summer Bash

  wave runner poses: Image Essentials - Waverider w/5 poses - available @ The Great Summer Bash


  1. What a great point you have made ~ thank you Kai and great post .......

  2. There are so many things in SL that crediting all of them in a single post is almost "mission impossible". When you have a blog that "specializes" in a particular subject (fashion for example) the author automatically tend to obviate everything else. And it's not only poses. Most of the time, people don't give credit to their picture's background, a must (I would say) if the place they're using as a backdrop is someone else's landscaping job. So yes, it's good to see those "hidden" credits showing up from time to time.

  3. I agree not enough emphasis goes on the pose makers and sadly so as so much goes into making great poses , they really are very creative and they very sadly get forgotten , our pictures would look so horrid as u pointed out without our wonderful poses so I agreee lets give it to the pose makers ,We do love and apreciate u all and we will always give u the credit when its due I promise:))



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