May 6, 2014

Tou-Gen-Kyo Reopening Stamp Rally

Today i want to show u the prices of the Tou-Gen-Kyo Reopening Stamp Rally, i need to advice u all that is an adult sim so have it in mind if u decide do this great hunt. Remember u need join the group, take the hud and collect the stamps to got the prices.

Mask : [kapsel] - Mask 001 (TGK Price)
Shape,Skin & Eyes : Xybody - Tadao Avatar (TGK Price)
Left Tank : [Let's Get Dirty] - Tank Top 08M1 Muscle (TGK Price)
Left Undies : D R O P - David Boxer (TGK Price)
Right Tattoo :  [ZENTRO] - Death Fresh Tattoo (S&H Exclusive)
Right Thong : [KEMONO - System] - Kuroneko fundoshi (TGK Price)
Poses : OHKUMA-YA - Kimono Poses (Include 7 Poses) (TGK Price)

Hair : [INK] Hair - Gehog (TGK Price)
Shape,Skin & Eyes : Xybody - Tadao Avatar (TGK Price)
Left Tattoo : [ZENTRO] - Silence Tattoo (MWFW Exclusive)
Left Thong : Vitamen - Carf Leather Jocks Paint White (Come in 6 Colors) (TGK Price)
Right Swimwear : SHIKI - Surf Shorts Modern Plaid (TGK Price)
Poses : OHKUMA-YA - Kimono Poses (Include 7 Poses) (TGK Price)

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