March 29, 2013

Supreme talent challenge 4

The reason that i did choise Ambiorix is not only because he was from Belgium like me but he was also a very clever King of the Eburons and the Atuatucs.  His ferocious resistance to the Romans gained the tribes the nickname of “Belgae” (“warlike”) what became later Belgium.  He never gave up just like me. For this styling i did make some items myself and Dahriel and i made the poses to give honor to Ambiorix. 

More info about ambiorix 

Pants : own made
Helmet adjusted  : Winged helm shine - Nidhogg Torque [Silver] 
Upperarm bracelt - Titan white/silver outfit
chest piece - Polarity Thor
hair and eyebrows : Own made
Facial hair : -dDx- Lars - Celtics (no longer in store) but the Madagascar resembles
weapons :
Gothic Desires: Medieval War Axes
LR Hereinair Sword sheath w belt

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