May 20, 2012

Fender Fangs

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Everyone loves a sexy ride, but for those who depend on the powers of seduction, it's a matter of life or death! Don't get caught on the ugly side of the track, find out what the "Fender Fangs" are up to.

On Him:
Outfit, Helmet, Gloves, Shoes: 19 MOTORCYCLE RACING Suit-01 Red (800L)
Shades top: SISU - Paramilitary Gear Ballistic Glasses (75L)
Shades bottom: 19 MOTORCYCLE LOCS shades (group gift 190L to join)

On Her: 
Outfit with shoes: LINZOO Ringo AGEHA GP Race Queen Costume Black (200L)
Skin: Mother Goose's LENE1(LB) (lucky board)
Shape: ~RA~ freebie girl 2 (free)
Hair: A&Y Demona Ultra long Cyber loks hair Snow (200L)
Eyes: BSN Deep Eyes- bright blue (1L)
Make up: Micalia Darkrose Glamorize Dance Combo makeup (1L)

Car: Visiwa Estate, ZA Motors & ZA Marine Camera GT Package Ver 2.0.SLX (6,995L)
Motorcycle top: Bytegang worlds PFB 900 - Yakuza - superbike 2.0 (499L)
Motorcycle bottom: Streetfire Shigaisen MRR (free)

Top image: Skybox: The Nawty Box Post Modern Vamp-Gothic Urban Skybox (60L until Thursday)
Bottom image: NRRA Nina Roar Racing association

Racing Sims:
Corse GP Racing Track (demo bike and timed demo cars for racing)
NRRA Nina Roar Racing association (demo car, bike, and free car and bike for racing)
Racers Island Raceways (demo car for racing)

Thanks Vodoo, Nedar, and Fulli for your help!

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