October 17, 2010

Unexpected Look of the Day 10/10/17: I'm Still Hungry!

Gabby6b Giano: Here is the new outfit, hope you like it!

Yves Firlan: Thanks for sending!

Yves Firlan: Do you offer it as prize on the MM board?

Gabby6b Giano: Yes, I will force the board once it locks.

Yves Firlan: How long is this offer good?

Gabby6b Giano: Through Monday only …

Yves Firlan: ... so today and tomorrow ...

Gabby6b Giano:... yes!

Yves Firlan: You probably gonna make me change my mind not to blog today, lol!

Gabby6b Giano: Good, I am glad!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Necklace: FTH# 35 !!Never Ever

Outfit (incl. Boots): Knights Innovations - Bad Boy Pack (MM Prize through Monday)

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