March 20, 2010

Poised for Success

Poise Collins has opened her new club and offers a casual outfit (left: ::Poised:: Ripple Gift) as opening day gift. It will be available until tomorrow (March 21st), noon SLT. Check it out!

But before you go there to dance and chill, you might rush over to Equilibrium and pick up all the new free gifts available, like the glasses stuck in pocket (left:[Aviator][Blood][BS] Male MM), the pants (center: Calca 87, GroupGift, join Equilibrium - Update) and the tank (center: Regata, free gift).

By the way, another nice shop deserving your visit is Robbish which is participating in many hunts. Pick up their Vest/Tee with double belt (right: Q-4-E #-0-7-1), a gift for the Excalibur Hunt, and check out what else you might find interesting, like the group gift at the entrance for example.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

also on the left 

Hair: Little Britain Designs - Black-Emo Boy (not free)

Headphones: Kumaki - K_gsBeetEgg (new release, not free)

Shoes: ::Duh!:: UnisexDove Grey Moccasins (Lucky Chair Prize)

also in the center

Hair: Audacity - Savoir Hair -Men's

Sneakers: MaschienenwerkKicks_Black (blogged before but Maschienenwerk has a new location!)

also on the right

Hair: ...Scars... Gift Koiwai [Red] (wear group tag)

Scarf: [[[ COGOO ]]] DustyScarf (join group)

Pants: Equilibrium - (Calca)(Marron)(Aberta) (not free, comes with open belt)

Sneakers: MaschienenwerkChucks_Golden (blogged before)

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