February 6, 2010

Night & Day

I may not sleep in the biggest bed, drive the latest car or live in the poshest part of town but I'm definitely the best dressed guy in the whole street, ;-).

Like Joe said, we are still real men in this TV age. Whether we are steppin' out for our daily battle at the office or enjoying a slow song before we close our eyes at night - focussed on our target, nothing will be breaking us in two! (Know what [record] I'm talking about, lol?)

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

PJ/Pyjama (left): sf design - blue silk pyjamas mens (February Freebie)

Tattoo: Acid & Mala - :A&M:. Paisley Tattoo - Skull - SBS #5 (colour changeable, L$ 60 only on Saturday)

PJ/Pyjama (center&right): AQUA - Dream Easy - His - Black (L$ 6 only this weekend)

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Vixen (not free)

Coat & Suit: sf design - westminster suit and coat (not free)

Car: WTTH #60 DooDaddy's (Not sure if it's meant for driving or just for decoration, at least I couldn't make it budge one inch. Update:  John Mahogany, the creator, just IMed me to tell me there has been a problem with this model so it's being replaced. The new one will be available tomorrow. Handling: Click the gas pedal at 12 o'clock in the pie chart [=remote], accept the offer in pop-up to have your avatar animated and only then click the drive option and sit down. After that you can drive with the regular arrow commands! PS: Yeah I know the driving is slow but this is an oldtimer folks, enjoy the scenery instead!)

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