June 16, 2010

Look of the Day

It's always something special when [ hoorenbeek ] releases a freebie - even if it's a simple one. This time they gift a hoodie with 3 wear options (open/open with tee/closed) and a pair of earphones hanging from one pocket.

The quality is good like always but I changed the length of the sleeves from 80 to 83 in appearance mode. I appreciate it a lot when designers offer me the option of editing details, that's why it's so important that stuff is modifiable! 

Btw:  To get the freebie you need to be subscribed to the hoorenbeek Subscribe-O-Matic for at least 15 days.

( => click picture to enlarge !)


Hoodie: [ hoorenbeek ] Hoody – Olive

Pants:  Vellas - Bridge – Gray (10 L$ for 4 colour variants during closing sale, 2nd floor)


Shirt: G4G - 25 - *Josef* (Hint: Where it's also cold in summer!)

Pants:  Mako's Pandorabox - *M's SKUL Jeans* GIFT [Oops, I just see that the owner removed most of his freebies today, sorry guys! :-( No longer available!]


Tattoo: L&H - Dragon Tattoo (join group)

Tank Top: BAD AMP - *new* Unisex Tank Tops (join BAD AMPITUDE * Fan Group *  and check notices from 6/11/2010)

Pants:  Vellas - Bridge – Red (10 L$ for 4 colour variants during closing sale, 2nd floor)

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